Who is MENA?


The Middle East and North Africa is a colonial social construct and as such has no fixed meaning. However, social scientists and demographers have been using the same definition of MENA in data analysis for decades, agreed upon for the sake of accuracy, consistency, and comparability. We use Census Ancestry data aggregated using the following Census codes/categories: 22 nationalities in the League of Arab States plus 11 ethnicities. 22 Nationalities Algerian, Bahraini, Egyptian, Emirati, Iraqi, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, Lebanese, Libyan, Moroccan, Omani, Palestinian, Qatari, Saudi Arabian, Syrian, Tunisian, Yemeni, Comorian, Djiboutian, Mauritanian, Somali, Sudanese, 11 Ethnicities Amazigh/Berber Arab/Arabic Assyrian Bedouin Chaldean Copt Druze Kurdish Middle Eastern North African Syriac