Welcome to weMENAbiz.com Coming 2023!


Our mission is clear, we are striving for weMENAbiz.com to have every Middle Eastern-North African business and professional service registered on our site. You may be asking why does this matter? We are glad you asked!


First, It is important customers have a place where they can find Middle Eastern-North African business and professional service close to their home. Wether it’s a Middle-Eastern style restaurant, a doctor, or banquet hall for a wedding event, weMENAbiz.com is the hub for customers looking for specialized services and want to support Middle Eastern-North African businesses. Second, historically the MENA community has been dealt a serious blow with the US census not recognizing Middle Eastern-North African as part of its population count. Basically, people who are MENA are considered “white” under the US Census Data. This means very little information is told about who we are and the economic impact we have in the United States. With your help, our site weMENAbiz.com will serve as a key area to show our strength in numbers from an economic spectrum as our contributions to our US economy will no longer go unnoticed.


Finally, weMENAbiz.com is a nonprofit entity developed by Chicago based organization Arab-American Business and Professional Association. ABPA is a business organization founded in 1991 that promotes networking opportunities among the Arab American Community and provides tools and resources to create growth for small business owners and professionals. ABPA presents programs for a better understanding of the Arab culture and demonstrates ways to be successful with doing business in the U.S. and abroad. Moreover, the organization welcomes business delegations from the Middle East and assists affiliated Chambers of Commerce as well as Business Councils in organizing trade and investment delegations to the region. All proceeds from weMENAbiz.com go towards supporting our community programs and initiatives.